tiba2 terjumpa video ini..

Voice of Tomorrow

Just like a leaf, a leaf blowing in the wind;
Just like a bell, a bell chiming cross the land;
Just like a little sparrow, flying cross the meadows, flying cross the sea;
Just like the sun from right behind the cloud,
bursting through the sky it lights up everything there is;

Just like a star, a star shinning in the night;
Just like a flame, a flame glowing in the dark;
Just like a big blue whale, swimming cross the ocean, swims the seven seas;
Just like the sun from right behind the cloud,
bursting through the sky it lights up everything there is;

We will race right to the top, we won't ever let you down;
We're the children of today, voice of tomorrow;
We will always do our best, in our future u invest;
We're the children of today, voice of tomorrow, you say~

aku suka, ternanti2 iklan ini kat tv
satu ketika dulu..
it was an inspiring song.
we were the children of today (in 1998 i guess)
voice of tomorrow

back in 1998, 11 years ago..
i was 11 years old
and i did had desire to give something great
to the people of tomorrow
to save more life, to create a better place
for the people of tomorrow..
and this song had driven me
to where i am right now...

11 years ago..
i did really hope my voices will be heard
i did really hope our voices will be heard
because we saw so much awful things
blood, drugs, hunger,abuse
and we had a lot to say about tomorrow
i did really thought in tomorrow
things will get better
the suffering will never be hurtful anymore

but then again..
things became worst..

but the inspiration is still within me
still there, never die
i believe i was not alone
i believe lot of people share the same thought
and in fact
if i was alone
it is an honored...=)

gelagat mereka

several things bout them since nearly
2 months aku keje kat stesen minyak..

kebanyakanye r kan;

most girls x brape expert nak pam tayar. pelik gak.. bukan payah sgt pun.. or diorang sengaja xnak reti supaya ada simbiosis dengan lelaki.. hahahaha

kalu siang hari, most perempuan r yang jd tukang g bayar duit kat kaunter. tp kalu pas kul doblas, reti plak yg si lelaki nk g bayar. aha, simbiosis lagi neh

kalu gune kad kredit, most husband akan gune kad kredit bini die... nak kate bini die financial controller xjugak, maybe kredit si suami banyak habis kat tempat laen kot

girls are better than boys in toilet usage.. xprlu mop banyak2 kali sebab biasenye bersih

kebanyakan orang yang beli rokok memilih gamba yang less disgusting.. ceh, isi dalam same je..


the tears

the child cried again...
but for what reason?
was it because she is hungry?
was it because she lost
the love, the touch
from her love one?
crying child is like
everyday story
now and then
more children cried
because of abuse
because they live in fears
because the most trusted one
is the one who violate her right

what about the women?
oh, they are synonym tears
is it right?
but perhaps their counterpart
remain as the culprit..
who rob their cheers
causing them in tears
all the time..

and now,
what about the man?
why he is crying too?
he is duped as the strongest
hard as steel
why he shed into tears?
well, maybe
maybe inside those arrogant exoskeleton
he still has heart
he still has pain to be cried for..
we are all the same..


kalau kamu jadi aku

kalau kamu jadi aku
boleh ke kamu jadi aku?
boleh ke kamu rasa apa yang aku rasa?
gembira apa yang aku gembira
derita apa yang aku derita
bahagia dengan apa yang aku ada

kalau kamu jadi aku
boleh ke kamu jadi aku?
boleh ke kamu galas
amanah orang di bahu kamu?
amanah kamu ke atas kamu?

kalau kamu jadi aku
boleh ke kamu jadi aku?
sudah pasti tidak boleh..
sebab hidup kamu yang tertulis
adalah untuk kamu
bukan untuk aku

tidak perlu jadi aku
jadilah diri kamu..


the best thing when get along with these guys is

never ending laugh and laugh...=)
these guys are pretty weird..
perhaps like me..
they tend to tell themselves
how big hepi family they can be..

those guys are my best friends
coz i live and grown up with them
in most part of my life...

may Allah bless this wierdo hepi family

secret of success

several opinions on how people become success;

"i plan my work n work my plan.. well, it works!"

"hard work paid!"

" i got lucky! its like few numbers slammed a jackpot!"

but what if it doesn't work that way?
what if we still lose and unsuccessful?

what option do we have?
did our plan screwed?
did our hardwork left in vain?
or did those numbers made us lost everything?


some may forget this one..
may only remember this when all went wrong..

"what ever we get, it is a 'rezeki' being bestowed upon us.. it belongs to Him. in fact, our life also belongs to Him....:)"

we are blessed to be a Muslim.. no matter how perfect we planned, no matter how hard we put efforts, we still can be happier when all went wrong.. because deep inside, we knew and have faith that all great actions will be rewarded.. He did not give what we want, He gave us what we need..

the truth is usually hard to swallow...

gotcha! =p

let go of what u have, get back to your dream

it's already June 2009..
and by 2009, i means
it was already 4 years since that day..

the current progress:

Attitude: not gud enuf, still has something that people might dont like
Passion towards what i learn : not so gak....damn
CGPA: not so qualified, not so satisfied
Maturity : perhaps not so gak.. over shadowed by people around me...
Thinking: well accepted, but somehow lack of exposure limit those brainy ideas

that leave another two years...
should i let go of what i have?
in order to pursue my dream?
should i go all the way alone..
so that my life fully determine by me..
the risk of this path is absolutely
will b accounted to me..?

all this 4 years
i've been drifted away from being a gud guy
been drifted away from being a cool fighter..
each year, each semester, i fell down
n couldn't stop wondering
why on earth that so-called successful tusky
torn apart, left in vain..
did i allowed myself to get carried away
from my emotion?
from people's opinion?
from anything that i have?
i am weak n weaken every single day..
those who started with me..
had been to the entire world
but tusky remains the same...
remains here...
perhaps there's something great here..
but then again
the passion been reduced, been limited
by what i have..

there will be a time
when i feel i have to bold enuf
to let go of what i have...
coz i owe my dream to myself...
he is greater than anyone anything else

the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

believe it..

one thing people of Malaysia really like to do

yeah, they luv doing this so much

whenever, where ever...

trust me...

they are kind of proud of doing this..:)

what is it?

well, a lot of them simply don't flush in the toilet..

believe it...

"this blog welcome all of you to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions, messages,screams and complains.. let the voices within you being heard by others"