luvly song by seconhand serenade

Where is it?

I have some kind of bad habit in reading books- always read halfway je.. 'pemalas tul'
when it had been so long since i've seen it, i lost the desire to re-read it.
i felt like i had spoilt the flow of the story. Therefore, i choose to restart again from page 1, try to re-enjoy the story right from the beginning..
how pathetic.. hahahahahahaha
here i am, sitting in my room searching for the unfinish book. where is it?? hahahahaha..

aku ade blogspot r..

ade ke member aku kate aku xde blogpot? oh come on.. skrg zmn blogger kot.. hahahahaha.. (sorry azim, no offence!)
gosh, written in malay? hahahahaha.. don't care.. after all, its my blog i'm talking about.. hehehhehe...


The final is around the corner!! huhuhu.. in between, lot of academic stuffs need to be done. tensen tul.. hahahaha.. but that's life. You can't expect every time is an easy life like in the wonderland. hehehe.. i got few assignments, lab report, presentation and programs before final. sounds tough and scary, but i'll try to enjoy them so that would be meaningful one.. da!

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