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It has been so long since i ever receive the conventional "kad raye". maybe due to this:
  • we prefer free raye testimony rather than paid 'kad raye'
  • we lost our friends' address and reluctant to retrieve it back
  • we want to wait others to send in kad raye first (hoping..=p)
  • sms is fast, easy and cheap option to wish hari raye


My first sahur of dis mubarak month..=) i went back to my kg to celebrate the arrival of pose.. Its so cold here in the morning, so waking up would b challenging.. He3.. I used to hv heavy meal if i am to sahur in kg.. My grandma would 'force' me to eat a lot (x thn t, katenye) Unlike if in unvrsty.. Sometimes it was just few gulps of plain water.. Ha3.. Tp kdg2 tu g Mcd teluk chmpdk 4 shur.. Best gle.. K lah, waitg 4 subuh.. See ya..=)
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