penang- day 1.

hi there..
ermm.. nothing much for day 1 report. hahahaha.. we only spent times in our car throughout the nearly five hours journey from kl. hehhehehe.. here i am, sitting with my sis at hotel cafeteria, chat about life and few things (exceli, we just surfing2 the web here..=p) tomorrow would be interesting i guest. hehehehe.. chow..

holly day..

hi everyone.. tomorrow, we are going to penang for a short family vacation.=p hehehhe.. plus, we want to visit our beloved angah who study at kmpp. it's been a while since we last met her (maklumlah, angah bz cket orgnye.. ) chow, wslm.. 

interpretasi diri

Sarcastic By Nature..
Hated By Most..
Luv By Few, Only Few..
Words Shows Lost.
Silence Shows Wisdom..
Strong, Perhaps Strong Inside..
But The Outside..
U Never Knows..
Me Neither..
Lost So Many Many Things In The Build Up To Dis Very Moment..
Seems Have Everything..
But Tusky Own Nothing..
He Own Nothing To Be Proud Of.
He Own Nothing..
Will Tusky Bounce Back?
Will Tusky Make Almost Impossible Comeback?
Well, We Never Know..
Tusky Neither.. 

tusky's life

with my roomate- que the manager

Mari jogging

What's that? hehehehhehe.. it's actually the entrance of Malacca Botanical Garden (formerly known as Hutan Rekreasi Ayer Keroh) i've been there in my second day of this semester break. it is a nice place for us to go jogging and walking. the air  is so refreshing. the landscape also beautiful. they did a lot to improve it, make it more attractive for visitors to come with family and friends. i remembered whwn i was in school, this place is just an ordinary hutan rekreasi. right now, they even had built this one:

a very nice artificial waterfall with big aquarium in it. i must say i admire the state government in their effort on preserving our natural heritage. perhaps they built this facilities to attract visitors, tourists and creating job opportunities but who cares about that. at least this place is being well organized.=) i love malacca.. hahahahaha

Mclead btn

Assalamualaikum and may Allah bless you all.. It's my great pleasure to be back again after few weeks of silence. Hehehe.. I'm healthy, pumped in myself several kilos. hahahahaha..
In this post, i would like to share about McLead program which was being held in Kem Bina Negara Kuala Lipis Pahang. It was tiring and boring at first. (there were only talk n talk.. n talk.)
We were informed that the program lasts for a week. I couldn't imagine how am i going to survive in the middle of the jungle, listening and presenting our ideas on management of club and society.
However, we had wrong idea about the McLead. The McLead only covered half of the whole program.The rest was Biro Tata Negara or better known as BTN. Some of my friends were not happy about
BTN. they claimed that it is a program which aims to 'brainwash' ourselves about our present government. Hahaha.. It sounds silly.. After few days, i found out that this claim was a mistake.
BTN, for me, taught to me about my country, my bangsa (race) and my role as the future leader towards creating the better tomorrow for our future generation. It was an enjoyable and meaningful
experience to me.. Remember this..

"kesedaran mencorakkan pemikiran..
pemikiran mencorakkan tindakan..
tindakan perlu bersama,
di bawah panji pemikiran yang sama..
xkan Islam, Xkan Melayu, Xkan negara,
hilang di dunia..."

when words scream..

"da future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreamz.."
sometimes pple afraid to exceed themselves, scared of the sceptism from others.. this is defenitely da attitude of a complete LOSER... we dont know where our life is heading to unless we have some plan, sme dreamz bout it.. somehow pple tend to b protototype, just follow blindly their ancestor.. hehehehe.. we dont belong to da past, we belong to da future. and infact, religious belief sugested that we make da best of our life for our future.. dreamz is like an idea, a mission or goals to be achieved. perhaps it sounds like MAT JENIN or whatsoever but at least that stupid MAT JENIN got ambition, got a plan which unfortunately he is stupid enuf to achieve it.. so, wake up.. rise from every fall..

"this blog welcome all of you to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions, messages,screams and complains.. let the voices within you being heard by others"