back in action

it has been several months.. lot things happened during that periods. i enjoyed working and pump myself a few kg (makes my gf wonder who am i ari tu..hahahhaa) during those months. well, life got to move on.. here i am, sitting here in the libraray (known as my least visited place of all time) searching for informations for my EAP.. this post perhaps may go to several directions coz i still learning on how to grab the arts of blog-writing stuff.. i heard, saw, experience lots of issues... perhaps slowly i'll manage to share it in this blog in such a good and acceptable manners.. (tu pon kalu slallu online r..) hahhahaha..
hmm.. where to begin ek?

aha, lets talk about besday..
frankly speaking, i dont experience much hepi moment during my besday.. xtau r naper.. for me, its just another day, another year.. myb bcoz i dont celebrate it dat much kot..
only few anniversary je yg best2.. i still can remember when i was in form five, we celebrated our besday 3 in one.. it was fascinating to notice dat our besday is close to each other in our final year.. hahahha..(myb sbb aku x amik pusing sgt pon kot..) but dat one was quite okay.. we managed to have small party during prep hours. but thats a long2 time ago.. hahahhaa.. right now , i do realise besday is much-awaited moment for the 'prankers' hahahahha.. i'm hepi to exprience their prank last wik.. its so cool.. hahhahaha... perhaps i may post the pic later on..=)

i think dats all for now kot.. see, qt boring post.. hahahaha.. xpe2.. i'll be back with more thoughtfull stuff later on.. da..

"this blog welcome all of you to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions, messages,screams and complains.. let the voices within you being heard by others"