6 years had passed.....

at last...

those six years
we share joy and tears

"Ahlan wa sahlan to IIUM"
does it ring a bell? oh yes
i could still remember the day
i entered the foundation in PJ

whether or not this is the best option i chose
whether or not i could survived and lasts until the end
whether or not
i would embrace the success and victory
at the end of this road

we came here
back then
this place was full of dusts and deserted from human
we felt isolated and all seems not enough for us
the food, the transport, the space, the mall
it's all unsatisfiable in our eyes

we began to explore this forgotten land
we saw how it groomed into a better place
we began to love every inch of it
we began to cherish every single moments in it

after six years
the day had come
we shall say goodbye
we shall meet again...


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